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Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Water damage can be one of the most destructive forces that any home or business owner has to deal with—and when you add sewage and other dangerous contaminants into the mix it is a recipe for disaster! Contaminated water can cause damage to your carpets and flooring, drywall, and even electrical and HVAC systems, with long-lasting effects. In order to deal with your sewage problem, two factors are absolutely essential: speed and safety.

Here at Mr. Flood Repair, we have employees who are trained and experienced enough to handle all aspects of a nasty sewage cleanup job, with maximum results. Our mission is simple—to sanitize, repair, and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly and thoroughly as possible! If you are experiencing water damage caused by sewage or other contaminated water sources, call Mr. Flood Repair right away!

Mr. Flood Repair has teams that are specially trained in biohazard cleanup.  We work hard to decontaminate, sanitize and neutralize odors in apartments, condos, homes and commercial properties.

Service areas include:

As the environments our teams enter contain a number of hazards, we ensure they are properly trained and certified. They are equipped with the personal protective equipment needed to ensure their own personal safety.  We work closely with fire, police and other authorities to understand all of the hazards involved before we begin cleanup.

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