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Damage Assessment

water damaged ceiling

Water Damage Assessment

Immediate Actions To Take When Disaster Strikes

If you have a major water damage problem in your home, then take this safety steps for your protection immediately.

Plumbing Emergencies

During a plumbing problem, you must locate the main water shutoff at your property and turn off. Attempt to reach your electrical service panel, shut off power to all areas affected by the flooding in your home. If you're unsure then just shut off the main power switch. Call for professional water restoration assistance as soon as possible.

Storm Damage

When dealing with a large flooding event in your house, it's important to shut off all electric power. Do not attempt to shut off your breaker box if there is standing water, attempting to do so could place yourself in danger of severe or deadly electrical shock. Ensure everyone is safe from possible harm. Seek out a dry place or exit your home, then call your local water removal specialists for immediate response.


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