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Drying And Dehumidification

Drying & Dehumidification

If you have a water-related emergency that causes damage or had flooded your residential or business property, call Mr. Flood Repair for our water damage repair and restoration services.

We need to start the water damage repair process immediately so that it does not cause any secondary damage to your home or office. Our technician will visit your property to determine the extent of the damage.

  • The certified technician will take moisture readings to see what has been affected and the extent of the water damage.
  • We use electronic instruments that will read out the percentage of moisture in the floors and walls etc. These electronic readings help us determine the level of saturation from the initial onset and pinpoint the water damage.
  • Provide moisture readings of the entire dry-out process. To ensure that there is no secondary water damage or possibility of mold growth.
  • The water damage is documented and photographed.
  • We'll set up the specialized drying equipment to facilitate proper dry out and water clean-up.

We are mitigating damage by stopping it in its track. And preventing any additional damage to the home or office. Once the dry-out process starts it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days, normally.

Water damage cleanup and repair depends on the nature of the water source:

  • Is it a clean water source?
  • Are there sanitary issues?
  • How much water saturation took place and progressed?
  • We will move or store your household belongings to prevent any further damages.

Understanding the Drying and Dehumidifying Process

All of the above is discussed with our technician in the first visit to your home or office. He will explain what the findings are and what the next step is. If you have never had an insurance claim before our certified technician will explain the process.

Structural Drying & Dehumidification

It is important to dehumidify your home as soon as you notice water damage. The first steps in the water removal process include removing any puddles from the floor and vacuuming with a wet vacuum. It would have been absorbed into your walls and equipment if the water had sat there for too long. Drywall is a sponge for water. Drywall is porous so it will absorb as much water as you can. The trapped water won't find a way out of your home and will cause further damage.

For your home to be safe from serious damage, it is important that you dry the structure properly. Water could be under the floor, in ceilings, or within walls. Although it might not be obvious, you should not take any chances.

What is the importance of de-humidification and structural drying services being completed as soon as possible?

Failure to dry your house properly or not drying it well can lead to irreparable damage. The water trapped in your home will continue to expand. Because the walls are connected, this can cause damage to the basement, kitchen, bedrooms, closets and bathrooms. Your home may be flooded and the structure could even begin to collapse. The ceiling or walls may collapse. Hardwood flooring could buckle and need to be replaced. You could also be at risk of a fire because the trapped water can travel to your electrical system.

The first step in water damage restoration is to determine the type and classification of water involved in a disaster. This information is important for the restoration team to devise a drying strategy that will meet the initial requirements of the water project.

The "Category Water" describes the water's initial condition, potential contamination and water quality after it has come in contact with materials. This is how clean or dirty the water source.

Experts in home restoration use advanced techniques to inspect your home's structure. They also have tools that measure moisture levels. They can identify the areas that have been affected by water, and dry them to prevent further damage. You should therefore hire a home restoration specialist to dry your home following water damage.

Humidity, Temperature and Airflow

The powerful equipment will dry your home and allow water to escape from walls and other surfaces. This water is removed from the air by advanced dehumidifiers using a special fan. Cooled coils are designed to draw moisture in. The coils collect all the water and place it in a reservoir. The reservoir will be empty when it is full. High-end dehumidifiers can have attachments that direct the water out of your house.

Mr. Flood Repair is building a force of master restorers, who are revolutionizing disaster recovery – because we believe everyone deserves a comeback, especially in the face of tragedy. We take pride in being the most reputable restoration company across the United States of America. Our 5-star water & fire restoration solutions aim to minimize disruptions of catastrophic events on your life, home or business. We exist to support you through each step of the journey.


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